Artsy Boutique Dress Brand Experts Needed
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Do you know who makes this dress? I saw it in this window a month ago but didn't try it on, because the boutique this window belongs to is way out of my budget. Many things that catch my eye that they sell are over $275, gulp. This might be also.

Now I am a bit obsessed with it, and just want to find out who makes it. I exchanged a few messages with the shop, but they did not tell me the brand. I went in last week and there was no sign of it. I've done all the searches you can do regarding color, hem, shape description, sleeve description, that seam that in my opinion is not an empire waist but some might consider it that way, etc. Please let me know if you are familiar with the brand of THIS DRESS ONLY. I'm not looking for something similar. Trust me, I have found enough short sleeved olive green/army green/khaki dresses to outfit myself for a lifetime. They sell clothes from many different countries, so it could be from anywhere. Thank you! ps - if you know of THIS EXACT DRESS but in another color, that's great!
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What boutique was it? Reviewing their Instagram might yield a photo of the dress with the designer information OR they may follow/be followed by the designer.

Also, a good tailor can whip up a copy of something like this fairly easily from a photo, if you have an existing relationship and tip them well. Having access to a good tailor is a valuable resource for obtaining expensive garments at not cheap but less expensive prices.
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Response by poster: Trust me, I've reviewed their Instagram and Facebook pages, and the sparsely-populated website of the boutique, which I am not going to name here. I even noted as many brands as I could keep in my head when I stopped in, and then wrote them down, and explored those. Couldn't find anything close.

I don't want a copy of the dress, or anything close to it. I don't even know that I want to buy this dress. I just want to know who makes it.
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It looks a lot like something from Maria Cornejo and those would be in the price range you mentioned. I don't see it on their website, but maybe it's from a different season?
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Why not name the boutique? I couldn't tell you who made it just by looking, but we could probably make better suggestions if we knew what designers the boutique typically carries.
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I know you don’t want this but maybe someone else does… this dress looks super similar—the potential price range looks different, but the style lines (short sleeves, seam over bust, bubble skirt) and color look really close. Can you name the boutique or at least some other clothing lines it carries, to help as a starting point in searching?
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Best answer: This here by Spaziodonna?
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Response by poster: I am so used to posting things that are too specific for anyone to find but 15L06 did it! Wooooo, thank you 15L06 for finding my needle in a (short sleeve, khaki not green, balloon dress) haystack!
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Hehe this was pure coincidence, as i am currently looking for a linen dress and remembered seeing this one.
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