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Well, looking at my face on zoom calls for over a year has officially made me self conscious about my “elevens” between my brows (I’m a 36-year old female living in Houston). I’ve bought creams and this thing called “frownies” to try and help it, but I’m seriously considering Botox.

My main concerns are 1) my husband REALLY doesn’t want me getting Botox...can I hide it?!? 2) I’m concerned about long term medical effects? 3) not being able to move parts of my face? Is there guidance on what to tell my doctor so that he/she doesn’t overdue it? 4) and finally, people noticing! I want to feel better about my skin and face, but I certainly don’t want people to notice I got Botox! Is that possible?

Thanks so much!!
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It doesn't cover all your specific questions, but there was a related question a couple of weeks back.
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1) you can definitely hide it. There is nothing really to hide. They inject it into your face. Stick around for a minute or afterwards, take a look in the mirror, wipe your face if needed. Easy peasy.
2) I can’t speak to this
3) you will be able to move your face. “Hi I’m new to this and would like to try Botox. The area I want to focus on is the elevens between my brows, I still want to raise my eyebrows and have facial expressions.” Guaranteed they’ve heard the same thing or similar from the rest of us who don’t want to look like we get Botox
4) nobody will notice. They’ll just think you look amazing.

Me: 38 female, “low maintenance” gal who doesn’t wear makeup. People comment that I have great skin/look so good and I just smile and say thank you!
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Best answer: My gf does the botox thing. You can definitely hide it from husband. The only time I notice it is if she tells me she went. Have to look real closely and know what you are looking for and even then I would say after 24 hours the only thing to notice is less wrinkles or the wrinkles are filled in. I usually don't know but do notice that "you are having a good skin day. Your face looks like you slept 10 hours." Compliments but not knowing what got her there. Not sure the L-T medical effects, but she is a woman of a certain age who has been doing it for at least 15 years, maybe even 20. So,

1. Yes can hide.
2. Not a medical expert, but anecdotally, know someone who has done it for at least 15 years.
3. Not sure, but I would tell doctor, "This is my first time so I want to start slowly. Please do not overdo it. Not sure I want husband to know right away."
4. That is exactly what happens with my gf. I notice she is looking youthful and well rested, but do not put two and two together even though I know she does get Botox shots on occasion.

Good luck.
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Yasss Botox is great. Yes you can hide it. Look at the manufacture’s website (Allergan, I believe) and they’ll have long term studies on its usage, but yes it’s safe. Tell them you want to start with fewer units than they usually use so you can get a feel for how you like it. I do my forehead, crow’s feet and a weird wrinkle i have in my nose. Go to a plastic surgeon or dermatologist to do it, not like a med spa and DONT go to somewhere you can get a Groupon to.
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Agree with tatiana wishbone - no med spas, and no Groupons. Physicians, plastic surgeons, or dermatologists only.
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Definitely agree on avoiding places that offer Groupons, but I’d say that upscale medspas are often better than plastic surgeons at Botox. Plastic surgeons make most of their money on actual surgery, so minor cosmetic injections can be more of an afterthought to them. A medspa on the other hand is doing Botox nonstop; the practitioners have a ton of experience in how to work with different face muscle structures.
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Can't speak to your first two questions, but I work with someone who has told me she gets Botox injections. I would never have guessed, and even knowing, can't see any visible lack of movement in her face.

That said, I'm not the most observant person so maybe someone more tuned-in to noticing details of people's appearance would suspect something. But it's definitely not glaringly obvious that she has this done.
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I sometimes get little bruises where the needle goes in that go away within a week, but I bruise easily.
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I think you could hide it, but hiding this from a partner sounds stressful and not ideal. If your husband is worried about safety, maybe your Botox provider could answer his questions or would him coming with you to an appointment help?
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I go back to the office minutes after getting dysport (generic Botox) and no one has ever noticed. It comes in gradually over a week or so. When I tell friends I've been doing it for 5 years, most are very surprised, they couldn't tell. If you start with a low dosage and just at the 11 lines, you'll still have a full range of facial expressions. The inner brow won't move as much, but the outer brow will still be able to lift. I'm also very low maintenance, not much of a make-up wearer, I don't get manicures, etc. and I love how it makes me feel.
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I love Botox, I've been getting it for years both for aesthetic reasons and to prevent migraines and clenching my jaw (no more TMJ!)

No one will know. Just dont get your whole entire forehead and eye area frozen and you'll be fine. I go to a med spa, my aesthetician does botox all day every day and is a wizard at it.

If you want an extra layer of plausible deniability, perhaps spring for a fancy facial while you're at it, so all improvements can be chalked up to that instead ;)
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Mod note: Couple of comments deleted. The OP is asking specifically for helpful info about Botox, so please stick to that; thanks.
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Yes, you can hide it. I did at first, my spouse thought it would make me unrecognizable. It didn’t, he (or friends/coworkers) never even notices when I get it done.

Ask for baby Botox and don’t let them put any under your lower eyelid—forehead and crows feet are good places to start!
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Best answer: 1) You can hide it, I often have redness for up to an hour and very occasionally slight bruising after that could be covered with concealer (and also your husband should MHOB). If you're committed to keeping this secret think about how you'll pay - it's pricey and would jump right out on a shared bank or credit card statement.
2) Uh, no idea, I don't every worry about that, and in fact I love my Botox so much that I can't even summon up the will to Google this.
3) I was worried about this and it is a NON ISSUE. Totally, completely, 100%, natural-but-better results. Just ask them to start slow (although really, if whoever you go to doesn't suggest a slow start then you should probably find a different provider). I have a full range of normal expressions.
4) People will not notice. My husband doesn't even notice (except that I've "been looking really nice lately" or whatever, but he has no idea why unless I tell him).

Other info - I get Botox from my dentist, and he is incredible at it. We started low, and for the next round I told him I wanted a little less movement in a couple of places and he did that. If I ever want to target a particular wrinkle he's happy to help. I've been doing it for a couple of years and we really have it dialed in now.

I was primarily concerned about my 11s, and it was absolutely amazingly effective for that, but I'm surprisingly also-pleased with the results on my forehead! I didn't have many wrinkles there, but my dentist said he strongly prefers to balance out Botox in the 11s with a (much) lesser amount in the forehead - I guess if you relax the area around the 11s without relaxing above it too, you can get that "surprised" look that you're definitely not going for.

I started at 37 I think, maybe 36, and I wished I started just a couple of years earlier. I'm just, like, an average lady, I don't do too many fancy personal-care things, I only wear makeup on special occasions, and now the internet know that I LOVE BOTOX. YOU COULD LOVE IT TOO. DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT IT'S AMAZING DO IT. (DO IT.)
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I got botox a couple times for migraines. It might be different because they're obviously targeting different things, but my mega-sensitive skin swelled up quite a bit at the injection sites for at least half a day. Looked like mild mosquito bites. The first time I got it, I was surprised and a little self-conscious, so I opted to WFH the rest of the day instead of going to the office. Sounds like this is uncommon, but did want to warn you. Maybe do the first one when your husband is out of town or coming home very late?
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