Best digital animation app?
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I want to be able to make art (cartoons, drawings, etc) using an iPad. What apps should I be looking for? What’s the best animation app for iPad? I would need to be able to export the art from the iPad to use elsewhere.
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Not sure if you want something for animation or for drawing. For drawing, idk about “best” but as a hobbyist I can say there are many to choose from if you don’t want to go the Adobe route. Different apps are suitable for different purposes, e.g.:
Comic Draw for sketching/inking
Pixelmator for photo editing/composition
Procreate for painterly stuff

All of these can export in various formats.
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Far and away the best two hand-drawn animation apps for the iPad are Rough Animator and Callipeg. Procreate is the best painting app to start with, or Affinity Designer if you’d like vector graphics features.
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Procreate is easy but it has very limited amount of frames to work with.
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Response by poster: I looked at a couple of these. What if I want to make just still drawings, not moving animations? Which app for that?
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