Help me find a replacement for this drinking glass
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My kid's favorite drinking glass fell victim to my clumsiness last night. If this is something that can be found online, I want to replace it, but my searches aren't turning up anything. It's one of a pair, with motifs of bees and dragonflies. Photos.

There's no maker's mark or writing on the glass. It's a small, maybe 6oz.
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Best answer: This glass is here. Might not be readily available.
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Best answer: I found what seems to be a match from a company called Down to Earth. Looks out of stock for the moment, but it does say to check back. (Same for the dragonfly, but they have some other styles that are available now if you search "juice glass" on their site.)
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Best answer: Also found it here.
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Best answer: Wow! Bee-atific. Looks like it may not be available, but this gives me a lot to go on.
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Best answer: This specifically says there's one available, if the other places don't actually have it in stock.
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Best answer: Vintage Honeybee Juice Glass, $5.00, at Soil Born Farms in Rancho Cordova, CA, available for in-store pick-up.
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Best answer: I am local to Rancho Cordova, and can pick it up and ship it if you would like.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the generous offer, sacrifix, but no need: I called up the distributor and they helped me track down a local store that has it in stock! (Central Market in the Seattle area)
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