NYC cassette tape to digital transfer
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Can anyone recommend a professional in NYC to transfer an audio cassette to digital? I have the only copy of some interviews with a late relative. I don't want to risk mailing it.
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Dubway Studios, but not cheap.
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I literally just transferred some cassettes to digital, on the cheap, a couple of months ago, and the quality was pretty good especially considering the tapes were not in a pristine environment and had been sitting in a box for decades.

If you already have a tape player of any kind, this thing is great. Just plug it in to Line Out on your tape deck and USB-in on your machine, and run Audacity (or your audio-editor-of-choice), and transfer in "real time". You can even set the input of the device so you can listen while it records.

This walkman-esque player is a halfway decent alternative; you just have to plug a flash drive into it and you can't easily listen to the recording as it goes; just rely on timing.

I think one of these is probably going to work for you without much worry.
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DiJiFi in Brooklyn.
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Assuming you have a tape player but no digital audio equipment, and assuming the tape is in good physical condition, the first thing you should do is play the tape and record the audio as a voice memo using your phone. That way you have a backup of this irreplacable recording, in case you or anyone else makes any mistakes. It won't be great quality, but it will be better than nothing.
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Media Duplication NYC located on 30th Street in Manhattan. I had some reel-to-reel stored in a non-temperature controlled barn loft for over 20 years & they were able to resurrect & make something that sounded good out of it! Very nice folks & very reasonable prices.
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