iPad apps for recording & editing video
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Help me find an iPad app that allows for basic on-the-fly video editing. Context: on the Mac, the app Screencast-O-Matic allows you to record video of yourself or your screen. It allows you to pause a recording, replay a bit to see how it turned out, then (perhaps) back up a few seconds to overwrite a slip of the tongue or inexpert phrasing—all mid-recording, before you've saved the video. This lessens the need for highly scripted recordings, which I want to avoid. The iPad app doesn't have this feature. Help me find something that does?

I love using Screencast-O-Matic on my laptop because I can always try out a phrasing, then back up 15 seconds and rephrase it better on my next try. But I'd like to use my iPad in order to mark up text with the Pencil while recording, and the iPad app doesn't let you revert like this, just the desktop app.

FWIW, Sidecar isn't a workaround option (my MacBook Air is a little too old), and using Duet to make the iPad a second monitor is incredibly laggy. Ugh, technology.
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