Environmetally friendly coal?
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Are there any environmentally friendly ways to use coal as an energy source? Bonus points if these methods are economically plausible. If none exist currently, is there any interesting research being done?
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The DOE is working on extracting hydrogen from coal.

Hydrogen can also be added to coal to make it burn more cleanly.
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The gasification of coal is significantly better than other methods of combusting it in terms of its emission profile. It's economically plausible enough that an IGCC (Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle) plant is likely to happen soon.
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You might be interested in the Fischer-Tropsch process, (much more here) which can convert coal into synthetic liquid fuels. The Governor of Montana is interested in developing using this process as a home-grown clean burning alternative energy source.
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A major environmental issue with coal is it's CO2 emissions. The only real option there is capture and sequestration of the CO2, and yes, there is work being done on that.
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Put it in the oil barons' Christmas stockings.
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I believe the latest issue of National Geographic has several stories about coal energy that may touch upon your question.
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Clean coal projects across the country.
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Here's an article about using carbon sequestration from a coal gasification plant to extract oil (and confuse people).
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How To Clean Coal
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Don't forget the environmental impact of mining coal. It's incredibly destructive.
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Australia has several research centres devoted to the issue, since it's the baseload power generation for the entire country.

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