Late Mid-Century Modern Sciolari Chandelier Repair Help, Please?
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I own a Sciolari Concorde chandelier. I broke said chandelier. Resources help?

I own a version of this exact fixture:

I broke one of the arms off years ago and am just realizing what I have, but there are no youtube videos or blogs or anything about repairing one of these bad boys. Am I just bad at googling, or is there really nothing out there about repair?

As far as it goes, here is the break: and the fixture:

Ultimately, I'm looking for information on how the frame goes together. The finish is in pretty good shape and I don't want to scratch it up by banging at it like a caveman. I've opened it up at the break and the construction is *tight* so it would be easy to damage it more at this point.

I can see that the arms themselves are held together under tension with an aluminum frame inside, but I cannot figure out how to access the join to the stems and body.

I would like to be able to take it apart, repair the frame, then put it back together and sell it whole.
If I need to sell it broken, I will, but that seems like leaving money on the table.

It was something a client gave me as a gift years ago, so I'm not out anything.

Assume competency and handiness with wiring and basic metalwork.
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Response by poster: Just realized that I didn't make the links correctly:
What I have
The break itself
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Just a guess, but are the two curved bits protruding from the arm a continuous spring that might just need to be squeezed together with e.g. needlenose pliers, and slipped back into the slot in the center column?
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Response by poster: No, those are the wires that snapped when I broke the arm off. It looks like there is a kind of bracket attachment that is pinned from inside, but I will have to take out the sockets and caps on the bottom to get to the hypothetical pins or screws.

The aluminum frame that is inside that arm actually broke leaving the root in the center column.
I think I may be the one to make said repair blog post and video, but I really would rather not without knowing what the construction is.
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Maybe reach out to a reseller who modernizes and sells antique lighting fixtures, like Rejuvenation or an etsy person? Perhaps they would have resources or services that would repair it without damaging it more.
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