Think Tank or Similar for Developmental Trauma
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Not a group for survivors, but for the informed researcher and healer. A place to discuss matters pertaining to in utero to age 3 traumas, from a more scientific perspective with emphasis on trauma-informed knowledge, theory, exchange of experiences in the healing realm and therapeutics. Less science and more heat, mind and soul.
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Response by poster: PS - not adverse to starting the think tank - just need the proper place to do that.
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You need to think about what providers have an ethical interest in trauma-informed care and some kind of contract between practitioners and participant about disclosure, triggers, and vicarious incidents. Think about group support with the element of personalised therapy should you discover the group is too much (or too little).
You may have already come across the NCTSN, who may be able to refer you if they can't support your needs.
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Response by poster: This is grassrooot level - for the people, by the people.
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