Help me pants myself. difficulty level: nerd, male
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I have a pair of men's lululemon yoga (?) pants that, after a year of near continuous wearing, need replacing. I think they're most like the Discipline style they list on their website: straight legged, zipper side and back pockets, drawstring with elastic waist, loose foot opening, not cuffed like joggers.

But ... they have limited sizes online, and I need something in the 34 length, waist 36 ... uh, maybe 38? (Could even be 40 after the quarantine 15). I like the stretchy synthetic fabric, but I have no idea what it is.

Who's doing quality men's athleisure like this?
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MeUndies has some lounge pants that are super comfy - they call their soft and cozy material "Micromodal". They look a little more casual than the discipline style - how concerned are you about what it looks like vs how comfy it is?
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Response by poster: Not to thread sit, but to answer: comfy wins, but they should be up to the occasional trip to the grocery store, hence the need for pockets. Think "ongoing pandemic activities", mostly home, some neighborhood dog walks.
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Vuori and Outdoor Voices both make super comfortable joggers.
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H&M is super comfy and affordable for their male long loungers :)
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Waist sizes on men's trousers don't correspond directly to measurements. For example most trousers with a nominal 36" waist have an actual waistband of around 38.5" if not more. When I got an exercise habit and lost a bunch of weight I ended up with 32" trousers with a waistband that measures out at an actual 33," give or take a half inch.

Anyway. In addition to the brands above you might look at Prana. "Brion" are styled more like jeans; "Zion" are a little more like cargo pants but not excessively pocketed.
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The man in my life likes the pants from Kuhl which sound similar. I think these are similar to what you describe; most of their other pants have a 'real' waistband and look less casual if that helps.
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Uniqlo's Ultra Stretch Skinny Fit Color Jeans are my favorite in this category. I don't know why they call them jeans; they're five-pocket stretch trousers. I'm a bigger guy (maybe a 46-48 right now?) and the XL fit reasonably comfortably for me. I've got four pairs. They have stock issues, but the price is great and the durability is solid, especially at the price point.
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