Internet access woes for online ASL course in FairPlay CO
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I’m at an Large house with WiFi in FairPlay CO and while everyone else was getting groceries, I made great progress with my ASL homework, but once everyone was home, it was soooo slow, so I took a break to help with dinner, and am struggling to refresh pages. I have been unable to complete an assignment on GoReact and upload it.

I have class with an online quiz via Zoom (with video) tomorrow and am seriously concerned that I won’t be able to make that happen. Where can I access the internet to get this done from 3:00-5:30/6:00 in or near Fairplay CO? One unique aspect of this course is I do not need to use a microphone. Online platform is blackboard and the homework is video from the dawnsite press.

Hope me please! All locations/options will be considered, thank you. This post is courtesy of my smartphone which Does Not Work for ASL classes on Zoom because we need to see each other.
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I am not near Fairplay (great name!), but my first reaction was to either ask or incentivize your housemates to not use the internet for 2 or 3 hours tomorrow afternoon. I would test the speed at night when everyone has gone to bed to see if it is still fast enough.

My other thoughts are a public library. Or, two phones, one to see each other and one to use for blackboard.
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Best answer: I would try the public library: when I was there years ago it had WiFi and I assume it still does, but I don't know how late it's open. Also, I seem to remember there being at least one coffee shop with WiFi though I can't for the life of me remember any names.

If I were you I'd go on a mission in the morning to try out the library and search out coffee shops, and if none of that works see if you can set up a hotspot on your phone so that you can zoom from your computer using the hotspot.
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Best answer: As of last summer, the public library in Fairplay had Wifi. It closed at 5, but they keep their Wifi running all night, so if you have the login information you could keep accessing it from outside the building. Unfortunately the range isn't good, so I found I had to stand in the alley right near their back door to get decent signal.

Alternatively, could you set up a hotspot with your phone?
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Best answer: If you're trying the hotspot with phone route, see if the phone can do USB Tethering instead, which will show up on your computer as an additional wired (Ethernet) connection. More reliable than a wifi hotspot (especially in an area with likely interference from other wifi access points) because wires, and also keeps the phone charged from the laptop instead of running down its battery at double speed.
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I had a similar problem recently and, after a couple hours of troubleshooting and restarting everything, went to my provider's (xfinity) website. Even though I have my own router there was some menu choice that caused them to "nudge" my connection and it was back to normal immediately.

I can't find the link right now - I think I had to sign into my account and interact with their chatbot. is a great resource to get actual numbers for your upload and download speeds. If either of them is lower than what you're paying for, you can absolutely call/chatbot customer service and they can probably fix it very quickly.
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I'm in Hartsel--which is just down the road from Fairplay about 30 minutes. We use satellite internet and it is honestly significantly better during the day than in the evenings when people are home and streaming. Get your housemates to stay off for a bit, and try to do this as early as you can.
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