So what do you call yourselves
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Our company sells other peoples widgets. We also have a number of widget widget accessories of our own design. We want to create an overreaching brand name to group these products under that unifies them without boxing us in too specifically for future products.

The accessories are high end, high priced and highly regarded. A clear part of the brand is as a luxury option for quality and used by those who are in-the-know. The widgets in question are kind of actual widgets.

Let’s say we sell Bosch and Black n Decker drills, and our own products are, Iteki’s Lovely Drillbit Set, Iteki’s Chuck-Key and Iteki’s ehhh, magnetic wrist thing for holding your bits. We would like to collect them all under an umbrella brand with Iteki in it. I don’t want to give an example of what I mean so I don’t steer your thoughts, I’d like to hear some fresh ideas, but like “the iteki suite” if it had been software.
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Best answer: Somewhere "range" has to be in the descriptive, not necessarily the NAME but the sub header.

Then in the company statement, "ever expanding" has to be tossed about.

If I made good widgets, I'd call it like "Yeah Widgets Over Here."
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Best answer: The Iteki Collection. (The Iteki Gold Collection or something like that if you want to be extra fancy).
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Best answer: Iteki Essentials or Iteki Drilling Essentials (these are the essential accessories you need to fully enjoy your widget)
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Best answer: The Iteki Collection is good.

How about this: Iteki Selects for other people's widgets and Iteki Originals for your widget accessories.
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Somewhere I feel like I've been seeing this model a lot lately is Mason jars: there's two or three big companies that make the actual jars, and a bunch of little places that resell the jars and add their own fancy lids and koozies and other whatnots. A quick google shows a Mason Jar Lifestyle, a Mason Jar Merchants, a reCAP Mason Jars, and a bunch of [Cute Name] Mason Jar Accessories.
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If it's really drill bits and drill accessories, I'd call it "Bits & Pieces"
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I like Collection. I want to also throw in the word "curated" to possibly describe the black and decker drills. Assuming you want to suggest that the drills you've selected are the best possible drills and that will really allow you to feel the full benefit of your fabulous drillbits. If the drillbit analogy holds, presumably somebody could use your drillbits with some other drill that they bought somewhere else, so you want your name to give a little boost to the particular drills you're selling (even if they are interchangeable widgets).
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Response by poster: Collection is absolutely the vibe I am after, looking for more on that theme. This is very helpful, I'm realising it's a noun I want. Re curated, these are more created by end professional end users of the initial widget-machine, so say if Tamron's products were developed by professional photographers, and then they get used on Nikon and Canon cameras. I'd previously been leaning towards Line, what kinda feel does that give?

Iteki sounds super-dumb in the context I am noticing haha, let's say, eh, Cooper instead.
  • "We're adding a new product to The Cooper Collection"
  • "I manage The Cooper Range"
  • "Are you familiar with The Cooper Line?"
  • "There's an equivalent product available in Cooper Originals"
  • "What's the website for Cooper essentials again?

    Would love a few more if you have them in you!

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    Depending on how nuts-and-bolts your brand is, some brands use Family for this
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    Response by poster: Just sticking in to say Family is absolutely a cromulent word here, absolutely the type of word I am looking for but it feels like it calls forth a more cosy and, well, cheaper, image. We know that most people are just gonna use their fingers to eat corn, but the people who are willing to give us 150 bucks for a pair of (really nice, high quality) corn-forks, we want them to feel seen :)
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    You could distinguish the higher end stuff with a name like "The Cooper Exclusive Collection" or "Cooper Exclusive Accessories" or just "Cooper Exclusives." See also: "Cooper Premium," "Cooper Selection," "Cooper Limited," and "Cooper Super Swanky Extra Plus Plus."

    (ok maybe not that last one but who knows could work)
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    Re: curated . Yeah, I got it (I think), but my thinking was you should describe the original/manufacturer products that you sell as curated. Not the stuff you made yourself. So the Canon Cameras for example, that you sell would be a curated list of cameras to be used with Accessories it he Cooper Exclusive Collection (nice!).
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