Best way to find duplicate images/videos among several folders?
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Is there a tool available that I can use with two or more folders of images and videos that will tell me when there are multiple copies of the same image or video in the folder? I'm trying to organize family photos and find that I have copies of the same images/videos in different folders. Bonus points if it can detect the same image/video in different resolutions.
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fdupes is traditional command-line technique for finding duplicate images or videos. In MacOS, "brew install fdupes", after you've installed homebrew, gives you the binary.
Windows has several options instead.
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Any Commander style file manager can search for duplicate files by name. You can get them for pc and mac and Linux. I like Total commander, from Ghisler dot com. Tineye offers something that can do this with images which are not exactly the same.
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Video Duplicate Finder can find duplicates of videos, even if one of the videos e.g. have been re-encoded with different video codec parameters. Not 100% though, and sometimes mis-identifies files as duplicates, but easy to verify the files. It have a mode for finding duplicate images as well, but I've never used that.
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Auslogics Duplicate File Finder.

Free and easy to use. Start by clicking on 2 folders to compare. Then you can search by: 1) All file types; 2) Select 1 or more of Images, Audio file, Video files, Archives, Applications; 3) Ignore files smaller than your specified size, or larger than your specified size, or both; 4) Search by file content by choosing to ignore file names, file dates, or both; 5) Include or exclude subfolders; 6) Search all file names or names containing your specified text.
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Here’s a pretty recent Ask about finding duplicate photos on MacOS that had a lot of useful comments. (It would be handy if you mentioned the platform you’re on, btw.)
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CloneSpy will find the duplicate files even if they have different names. It will not find files that are different resolutions. I know it works on Windows.
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