Looking for a particular dense, sample-based album from the mid-90's
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Help me remember this amazing media-dense album from the mid-90's!

  • was sample-based, possibly completely sample-based
  • was not hip-hop, or even really trip-hop
  • was critical of the media landscape of the time
  • explored themes of information overload
  • employed samples of things like game shows and newcasters
  • came on a CD that I think also had a video or some kind of program on it
  • had a pretty long band name
  • sounded something like a cross between My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, the Dust Brothers, and Negativland
I remember listening to it in 1996, if that helps.

Thank you hive mind!
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Total guess: Beware the Whim Reaper by People Like Us?
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Best answer: Emergency Broadcast Network?
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Response by poster: Yes! Telecommunication Breakdown by EBN.

I guess it is sort of trip-hoppy. Thank you!
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Glad it's sorted. My answer becomes a suggestion: you might like Let Us Play / Let us Replay by Coldcut.
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3:7:8 is still a fairly common song to appear in my driving mixes. Their video work also presaded the information overload of endless social media scrolling.
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came on a CD that I think also had a video or some kind of program on it

It came with a (Mac-formatted!) 3.5" floppy disk, actually. Great album.

If you like that sort of thing (soundwise at least) I recommend Meat Beat Manifesto's "Subliminal Sandwich" album from 1996. Jack Dangers from MBM produced the EBN album.

Also: EBN's YouTube channel. "Electronic Behavior Control System" video.
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