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I desperately want to listen to Piranesi by Susanna Clarke because it's a Hugo nominee this year, and I would like to listen to it in audiobook format because it won an audiobook award. I don't want to shop at Amazon/Audible. My library doesn't have it, and I can't find any libraries that do. Is there any place to buy or borrow this audiobook without using Amazon?
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Apple Books has it for sale for $14.99.
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How do you feel about Apple? I’m able to buy it on Apple Books. (I’m in Canada though and I’m not sure if the US Apple Books store has all the same items.)
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Best answer: On review, I think the Apple book might also be through Audible. Apparently it’s licensed exclusively through Audible.
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Why not expand your library options? Libraries with non-resident borrowing options (for a fee).
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Best answer: Seems like it’s an audible exclusive, and the very reason they do that is so you have to go through them.
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Kobo Books offers most of the audiobook choices that Audible does... and their monthly credit plan costs less too.
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I neve heard of Kobo and tried to locate cost info before heading to work but all I could find was this info was from a cached page. Does anyone know if this is still accurate?

Kobo membership is free. All you have to do is create an account by signing up, entering your personal details and payment information, and you’re good to buy e-books at your leisure.

But for audiobooks, you’ll pay a $9.99 monthly subscription fee. Choose an audiobook from the selection and you’ll receive one credit every month that you can use toward any audiobook of choice — regardless of the price. Also, your audiobooks are yours forever, even if you cancel your membership.

Does Kobo have a free trial?
Kobo has a free 30-day trial for audiobooks. You’ll also get your first audiobook for free to try it out. Once your $9.99 monthly subscription starts, you can cancel at any time.

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I have had a free account on this website for years and have never had an issue.
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This link will take you to overdrive's page for Piranesi, which has a local library search app. Overdrive is a digital content (audio, ebooks, video etc) app for your various devices that allows you to check out audiobooks from libraries that you have accounts with (they don't necessarily have to be local). This link will take you to the overdrive download page. I use libby which is also on the page.
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Best answer: Like Apple, I think this website must be reselling the Audible version:

I get my audiobooks from and they have this to say about the Audible exclusive policy. At this point, there is no CD version either.
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Kobo only has the ebook from what I can tell.
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Best answer: If using Amazon but not giving them money is an ok compromise, Audible generally has free trials available that are good for 2-3 books or 30 days.
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Best answer: Overdrive (public libraries) doesn't have the audiobook that I saw, and again this is by design.

Please know that if you bittorrent or use another free method, you are cutting out Amazon and Audible and also the author.
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Best answer: Yeah I think you have three options:
1) don’t listen to the book (no one profits, including you)
2) acquire the audiobook via illicit means (you profit; author/reader/publisher does not; Amazon does not)
3) acquire the audiobook through Audible (everyone profits, including Amazon, although if you cancel before your trial period is up they don’t profit *much*)
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! Sounds like I'll need to find a paper copy and write a sad letter to the publisher!
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