Daily international news show a la The World in video form?
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Looking for a daily international-focused world news and features program in video format, ideally accessible with a Roku or on Youtube. Thoughtful reporting, longer segments and a generally neutral tone. In short, something like public radio's The World, but on TV. Any suggestions?
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A friend was asking how to get the hotel classic BBC World News at home, without luck. Maybe it's on your local TV roster
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Roku has a pile of international offerings, this reddit discussion mentions a small group of them that may fit the bill. Both CNN, and Al Jazeera offer a roku channel, and non roku online streaming. BBC World News seems to be a difficult nut to crack as it seems easy to find it's site but streaming only a story at a time.
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france 24 english live repeats itself often enough that an hour of it might be comprehensive ? it streams free on youtube.
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