Are there any 52 week planner online systems?
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So the way our org does its work is in weeks. Week 23 we're doing X. Week 25 we start Y. I'm using a generic G-calendar for it but the view is just ridiculously cluttered. IS there some sort of collaborative program or platform that offers this very simple way to look at the world and plan for it?
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Have you considered something like Trello?
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I would start with a google sheet to be honest. Column A being the list of weeks then you can use the other columns to describe the activities that go into each week?
posted by bleep at 10:56 AM on July 15 [1 favorite] (and many other platforms) can do Gantt charts, which might be useful.
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Yeah, I think you want an entry-level project management tool here. Asana is another one that's easy to use and inexpensive for smaller orgs.
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Check out this Compact Calendar. It has the months on the left, with each row representing one week. The right side is just a blank line for you to write on.

It is designed to fit a full year of planning on a single sheet of Letter paper, but you can use the Excel template and tweak it to fit your needs. You can host it as a google sheet for collaboration.
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I turned on week numbers on Google Calendar (one of the options in settings) and then toggle between the monthly and yearly views as needed, but this might be too fiddly for your needs. Otherwise, seconding bleep's suggestion of using a Google sheet for it.
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Response by poster: For the record I got into both Trello and Monday and neither of them offered it. I get the appeal of the Gantt but it's just more than I actually need. I'll look at Asana but offhand I'm not seeing it.
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I do this with Fantastical, calendar weeks visible, 6 weeks shown at once in the monthly and annual views, and then calendar sets to keep only the right information visible. It’s not a single collaborative location but it does work since we share the calendars and view using our respective Fantastical apps. It’s mac/iOS only and $40/user/year but may be possible to look into.
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Hmm, would Teux Deux be along the lines of what you're looking for?
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