Help me get synced with my client's Google Drive.
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I am a consultant. My client and I both have Google accounts, how can we arrange it so that they can see my work product in progress? Complicating factor we both work with Microsoft documents (word, excel) but we don't need real time collaboration.

My client has a corporate google account (google workspace?). I have access to an external drive on that account that I can download from and upload to. But I cannot sync with a folder on my PC. And as I am working with Word/excel documents, working directly out of the external folder doesn't seem possible (google wants to open them in their own editor).

I have my own google account that can sync with folders on my PC but as I work with different people across their organization it is not ideal to share folders individually, and I hate having files in different places (as I have to upload the final product to the external drive anyway).

I feel like I must be missing something? Like an easy way to open Word documents in word straight from the external drive? Or something they can do on their end to allow me to sync to their external drive?
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Step 1) Update your Google Drive software. Google just made some changes and you may not be up to date, so before troubleshooting anything else make sure you’re on the newest/current version.

Step 2) (Option 1) In a browser go to and then to go to “Shared With Me”. Select the folder/document you are interested in and then select the ‘more options’ button (three dots arranged vertically) and then select “Add A Shortcut to Drive”. This will allow you to place a shortcut to the shared document in YOUR Google drive. After a minute it should show up on your computer.

Step 2) (Option 2) In a browser to go and then go to “Shared Drives” (may only be available on Google Workspace accounts, so your client may have to do this part). Create a shared drive that includes both yourself and the client. Put your documents there, and away you go. [This is the one that would require the newest version of the desktop software, as I’m not sure this feature existed on the old “Google Drive” and may only have existed in “Google Drive FileStream”. Now that both have been merged it should be available for you regardless of whether you’re on Gmail or Google Workspace.]
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