Calculating hours in Excel
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I cannot get a time calculation to work in Excel (Microsoft 365) and it's driving me a little batty.

I am trying to log how much time I spend per day on a task. I want to do this in Excel. I have Column A and Column B formatted as date. I enter 1:00 PM in Column A and 3:00 PM in Column B. Then in Column C I enter the formula "=B1-A1". The output in Column C is 2:00 AM. Okay, so it got the 2 hours part right, but why is it displaying as a time?? If I try to force Column C to be formatted as a number with two decimal places, the output reads as 0.08 which makes no sense to me.

Please help, this is so silly and I've even watched YouTube videos which direct me to do exactly what I've already tried.
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Best answer: Excel represents time internally using days as the units. "2" as in 2:00, divided by 24, is 0.083333 - or 0.08 days, to two DP.

In other words, multiply column C by 24 to get your answer in hours.
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Best answer: I believe your c column is still formatted as HH:MM AM/PM. If you change the format (in C column only) to display HH:MM only, it will stop appending the am/pm.
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If you right-click and select Format cells, under custom, you should be able to select h:mm instead of h:mm AM/PM
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You'll need to multiply the result (i.e., 0.8) by 24.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all! Either keeping it numeric but multiplying by 24, or keeping it as time but removing the AM/PM both work. Appreciate the quick responses.
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Also, I could imagine you might want it in minutes (either now or sometime later); in that case keep it numeric but multiply by 1440 (24*60, the number of minutes in a day)
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