Non-slip bathtub mat recommendations, please!
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I hate our bathtub mat. I regularly curse its children and its children's children, as my feet slip off of it and bump against the walls of the tub whenever I dare to use any slick products while showering.

We have a removeable bath mat that was clearly designed by someone who had never heard of things like conditioner or hair oil. It attaches to the bottom of the tub via suction cups. These work fine. The top is full of rounded nubs, which not only do not work as a non-slip surface, I think the tub is actually slipperier with this mat than without.

For Reasons, I can't apply applique to the actual tub itself. I'm looking for another removeable bathtub mat that is genuinely non-slip, even when exposed to slick substances.

Thank you in advance for helping me correct this daily annoyance.
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Best answer: Have you tried a ‘massage’ bath mat like this? They have bristles so they’re not as slippery. Some people find it uncomfortable- I think some toddlers cried in the reviews- but definitely less slippery.
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Best answer: I have an ENKOSI shower mat that's never given me any trouble. It has rounded nubs, like the mat you described, but they actively grip my feet when I step on it. It's like standing on a grassy lawn while I shower. If it matters, I have the long mat that covers most of the bottom of the stall, rather than a small, square one. I often contemplate how much better it feels to shower without concern for slipping.
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Best answer: We had one similar to this, and I thought it did a good job at staying put and keeping my feet planted where I wanted them.
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Shower shoes or flip flop sandals with good traction are another option (without a bathmat).
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You could try taking it out of the tub, scrubbing the top really hard with a good stiff scrubbing brush, getting it bone dry, covering the whole top with spray glue, spreading a bag of coarse sand over it, letting the glue dry, brushing off the loose sand, then finishing with another layer of spray glue and giving it plenty of time to set before putting it back in the bath.
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