Summer vacation destination to make both Boston and NJ travelers happy
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I'm looking for a fun summer vacation spot in between metro Boston (where I live) and Northern NJ (Short Hills area, where my siblings& their kids live). The Catskills could work but I've had a hard time searching there. There will be 3 families with 5 adults and 7 children, ages 4 months to 8 years. I'm finding it relatively easy to search for single hotel rooms but harder to search for a group. Hence my question to all of you to see if there's a place where you've had a good experience.

It would be great to find a single resort-type place where we could all stay that has meals and activities all on one site.

A place my kids and I have liked in the past is East Hill Farm in Troy NH, but it's farther than the NJ folks want to drive.

When I was a kid, my family would go up to the now-gone Concord Resort in the Catskills. It was a ton of fun. I don't even know if places like that still exist.
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How spendy? Was gonna say Rhode Island for sure. Weeakapaug Inn, or maybe Block Island, if you can still get reservations.

Mohonk Mountain House - farther for Bostonians, easy for NJ, expensive.

Saratoga Springs?
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Mohonk Mountain House fits the bill, though it's pretty expensive.
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I haven't been but a friend likes this place (especially the vintage bowling alley): Winter Clove Inn.
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A friend just spent a vacation at Race Brook Lodge in the Berkshires and described it as “hippie” but nice.
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In western Connecticut, the Candlewood Lake area may be your best bet, but I dont know anything about the rental market there.
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For the Catskills, a friend liked the Emerson Resort and Spa. I've never been there specifically but that's a great area of the Catskills, so if the amenities on-site aren't enough, there's plenty of hiking, cool fun towns, a railroad museum, etc.

You might also try a ski resort--they tend to have lower rates in the summer but still have on-site amenities. Hunter Mountain is one of the big ones, and in the same general area of the Catskills.
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