Mexico City Right Now
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I'm going to Mexico City next week. What's the situation related to COVID right now?

Specifically I'm curious about:
1. Where and when masks are required (for example, I know restaurants are open for indoor dining; are people wearing masks inside?)
2. What Uber is like - is it safe to assume I will be able to get an Uber if I want one, especially from the airport? Uber has been a problem recently where I live.
3. Whether or not most museums and other tourist locations like street markets and archeological sites are open.

I know this stuff can change at a moment's notice. Just trying to get a baseline of the situation right now. Thanks.
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Best answer: I was just there a couple weeks ago!

People are wearing masks when walking on the street and when entering venues.
People are wearing masks in indoor venues.
Restaurants are sometimes spacing out patrons, and sometimes not so much.
Similar to other big cities, there is a lot of new (and in my opinion, fun and creative) seating on the sidewalks.
Uber is active - no issues there. I think I took a taxi from the airport, because it's easier, but while in the city I used Uber.
Street markets are open.

I did not visit museums or archaeological sites, but I have heard that they are open, and given everywhere else I visited was open, I would be surprised if they weren't.

The Frida Kahlo museum is open and the website explains their mask policy here:
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Best answer: Like jander03 I was there a few weeks ago and had a similar experience. I was only in one area (Polanco) but the Museo Nacional de Antropología was open, as was the street market around Parque Lincoln. People wore masks everywhere (inside and outside) except when dining. I took a taxi from the airport because it seemed easier, but was able to get an Uber very quickly when heading from hotel back to the airport.

You didn’t ask about covid tests, but if you need one before your return flight, you can get a rapid test very easily in the airport. I was nervous about doing that because I was on a tight schedule for work, so I got one at a pharmacy the day before, but I would’ve been fine getting it the day of my flight.
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