How do I entertain a teen around Crown Heights?
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I have a sister and 16-year old niece visiting Brooklyn this weekend and need some ideas for keeping them entertained. They're staying in Crown Heights, I'll be in Cobble Hill, and I'm just looking to keep us all occupied in one or both neighborhoods for a couple days. Any ideas?
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I love the Brooklyn Museum, and there's an entrance to the Botanic Garden right next to it. That's a full day right there.
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Oh, and not far from there you can stroll around Vanderbilt Avenue, which has a lot of cute shops/restaurants/cafes.
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- If she likes shopping, bring her on over to Smith Street, there is lots of teen-friendly shopping in your neighborhood
- Maybe one day if the weather's nice she'd like to get a Citi Bike daypass and bike down Eastern Parkway? You could get roti from Gloria's at Nostrand and Empire and then have a picnic in Prospect Park.
- You can see movies again! Cobble Hill Cinemas or BAM
- If she's a board game kind of teen, go to Brooklyn Strategist on Court or Squarrel on Atlantic to play board games for an afternoon
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Oh and maybe get an ice cream sundae or a float at Farmacy, very 'grammable
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If the timing works out you can also see the NY Liberty (WNBA team) at Barclay's. Super cheap and they only open up the bottom half of the stadium so all the seats are good.
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Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge?

Buy a bracelet in St. Marks place?

Spend the day taking photos?

Maybe visit the grave of Angelica_Schuyler_Church on Wall St.. Maybe prep by reading some of her correspondence with Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton.
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Near Cobble Hill, you could spend some time at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Great Manhattan views, the piers are fun to explore and there's a roller rink.

Vanderbilt is closed to car traffic on the weekends, which makes it fun for strolling and outdoor dining. I definitely recommend getting dinner there one evening. Ample Hills for ice cream. Unnamable Books is one of my favorite bookstores in BK. There are also really good restaurants on Bedford and Franklin - Cafe Rue Dix (Senegalese), Catfish (Southern), Mayfield (New American).

I agree with suggestions for the Brooklyn Museum, Botanic Garden, and Prospect Park. Also the Grand Army Plaza greenmarket.
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Fan Fan Donuts in Bed-Stuy is tasty and very instagrammable. They also have sundaes for summer!

You could rent a kayak or pedal boat and float around the lake in Prospect Park.

Kith (an apparel brand) has an ice cream bar with cereal for toppings. It’s on Flatbush near Barclay’s.

There’s a bunch of bubble tea shops. The Kung Fu Tea on 5th Ave is great for people watching because the street is closed, while Squarrel Cafe has board games, too. I think 16 year old me would have spent every weekend there if it had been an option.
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The Mosaic House has to be close to you, right?
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Also, I took my teen on a street art tour and it was absolutely our favorite thing we did in NYC.
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Do not know if it's open but if they are art oriented I enjoyed walking through the Pratt institute.
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Play bocce at Brooklyn Bridge Park (you could borrow a bocce set from the BoCoCa BuyNothing FB group). Go shopping at Pearl River Mart in Soho. Eat blintzes at Veselka in East Village. Take the Roosevelt Island tram and have frozen Hot chocolate at Serendipity at Midtown. See In the Heights at the Alamo Drafthouse. Play laser tag in Dumbo.

I second Brooklyn Strategist on Court if she likes games followed by either Farmacy or Dolce Brooklyn (I prefer Dolce myself.) Joya is good for a meal, or Mooburger/Bareburger/Shake Shack.
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