Looking for great wineries in Napa
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Hi! Simple question: What are your favorite wineries in Napa? We're open to any and all ideas. Thank you!
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For visits/tastings, or just wines to buy? I ask because some of our favorite wineries do not have tasting rooms, and our favorite tasting rooms do not always correspond with our favorite wines.

That said, here are a few ideas that reasonably check both boxes (with the caveat that I have not visited in almost two years, and there was both covid and fire in the mean time, so some of this may have changed). Chateau Montelena is big, but is a legend and has some very solid wines. Pride is a fun tour and a different kind of scenery. Stag's Leap is venerable and reliable. On the smaller end, Mending Wall has a beautiful setting.
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I love di Rosa, but it is more of an art gallery than a winery. They make wine, but don’t do tastings as far as I can tell. You are welcome to picnic on the grounds, however, and can imbibe as long as you are “subtle and adult” about it, per the employee I spoke with when I was there a few weeks ago.
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Very limited experience, but I recommend Schramsberg's (their specialty is sparkling wine).
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I like Duckhorn. Nice tasting room and excellent wines.
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If you’re open to Sonoma, right around the corner… Then my absolute fave is Gundlach Bundschu. I keep going back. Sitting by their lake makes for such a wonderful half-day.
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Agree about Sonoma - Bella Wine Caves is my favorite.
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I'm sure you've heard that reservations are booked out months in advance this year so be as proactive as possible. Frog's Leap is a beautiful winery and I highly recommend a visit and a wander around their garden.
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Napa local here. We just took family to Turnbull and Darioush. We typically also take people to Caymus. I like Mumm for sparkling wine and great views. Search around for reservations because almost every winery is working on reservations only. Midweek is easiest but you should plan to be flexible, restaurants too… book now and expect some late or early dinners.
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Ferrari-Carano in Sonoma - beautiful gardens and grounds, very good wines.
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V. Sattui is one of my favorites. Relaxed atmosphere and great food (bbq), too.
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The Hess Collection is interesting if you like art with your wine.
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We spent some time in Downtown Napa and got great recommendations from the guy at Back Room Wines. Big selection of small and teeny local wineries. And a lot more. He’s since sold the place, but that would be a place to stop and ask around.

Okay, from that guy’s recommendations and what we found on our own, all smaller family wineries, with a sampling of AVA’s around the valley:

Starting on the Highway 29 side:
Elyse (new owners, but still selling the old owners’ bottles)
Paradigm — solid Cab Franc
Smith Madrone (way up Spring Mountain; beautiful Reisling)
Vinoce (Mt Veeder, another solid Cab Franc. Recently opened a tasting room in Downtown Napa)

And on the Silverado Trail side:

Neal Family, up on Howell Mountain
and right in the heart of Stag’s Leap AVA, Baldacci Family.

You could choose three of those and have a great day. More than that and yer pushing your luck. Pick up sandwiches at the Oakville Store or at the little market across the parking lot from Bistro Jeanty in Yountville.
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Small world: Smith Madrone gets a nod in this NYT story about the impact of climate change on Napa: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/07/18/climate/napa-wine-heat-hot-weather.html
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