3DS games like A Link to the Past
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Looking for recommendations for games for an adult to play like A Link to the Past. I really enjoyed that game, and have replay countless times. I played a few pokemon games but don't really find them challenging or fun. More inside.

I like RPG adventure games. I owned Fire Emblem, but gave that to my son because he was addicted and needed it for some reason (maybe to complete a set). Would just like some suggestions. Also, if a game needs a "code" which I don't really understand, and I buy it off Amazon, do I get a code there? I don't really get codes, but I've seen that while perusing. When I had a Switch, I liked Breath of the Wild. I just explored and didn't really play for endgame. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks friends.
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Best answer: Maybe a silly question but have you played A Link Between Worlds? It's kind of a reimagining of A Link to the Past, looots of similarities.

The Luigi's Mansion games are great, I've only played the Switch one (which is great) but the 3DS one is supposed to be excellent as well.

I haven't played Bravely Default but I've heard it's a lot of fun as JRPGs go. More traditional and turn-based compared with Zelda.

Looks like Gurumin 3D might be a hidden gem along these lines.

Fantasy Life was a fun sort of cross between exploration and Harvest Moon style farming/tree-cutting/fishing and stuff. Pretty relaxing.

And if you want to go full farm (with exploration and dungeon delving) Rune Factory 4 is supposed to be excellent. I played a different game in the series and it was great. If you were OK with the level of anime in Fire Emblem you should be here too.

If you buy a game on Amazon it may be either a cartridge or a code, and the code will be something you enter in the 3DS eShop, like a coupon code. I think you can also enter it on Nintendo.com if you have an account.
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The official Nintendo eshop has downloadable versions of Link's Awakening, and Oracle of Ages/Seasons, the Gameboy and Gameboy Color Zelda games. Those play like Link to the Past.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is like Link to the Past, but with only the dungeons (no open world) and a rather ... unique art style. This is another eshop game, and it requires a New 3DS; it won't work on an original model 3DS.
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How do you feel about jrpgs? The 3ds has an abundance of them. I recommend Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology, Dragon Quest VIII, and Bravely Default.
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Ocarina of Time was remade for the 3ds and seems like an obvious recommendation. Absolute masterpiece. You don't specify what exactly "like a link to the past" means to you, OOT is 3d, but you can expect a lot of similar elements between the games.

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