Uber/Lyft options for Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival
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Are for-hire vehicles (Uber/Lyft/whatever) a thing in Cold Spring, NY?

So I scored tickets for tomorrow night's performance of “The Most Spectacularly Lamentable Trial of Miz Martha Washington" (NYT review here for the curious) at the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival in Boscobel Gardens in Cold Spring, NY. We were thinking of taking the train from NYC to Cold Spring station and then grabbing a cab to the play and then reversing the process afterwards.
Problem is, I cannot figure out the availability of cabs in that area. I've called the one traditional taxi service but they're booked with airport trips tomorrow. We called the festival box office and they blithely said that people take Uber/Lyft/Rideshare to and from the station. While I want to believe them, all my research indicates that these might be hard or impossible to come by.
My specific question is, have you attended the festival in recent years and taken a cab between the play and the station? Or, do you live around there and can tell me for-hire vehicles are a thing? We have a car, but the idea of driving 2.5 hours from the city each way to watch a 1.5 hour play is making me tired already. Thanks in advance for any first-hand information you can give me.
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Best answer: Yes. (I live near Cold Spring.). Uber and Lyft are both here.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much, nayantara! I'll report back after the play tomorrow with HVSF-specific information, but this is reassuring.
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Both Uber and Lyft you can change your origin and destination and see what pricing and availability is like, even though you are not currently in cold spring.
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Best answer: I have been to the HVSF many years. I live in Westchester so I drive, but I have picked up friends at the train. There will be others on the train looking to do the same thing. You may be able to share a cab/Uber/Lyft. The thing about Uber and Lyft up here is that it sometimes takes a good 15-20 minutes to get a ride. Also, if there is a cab company at the Garrison Station, Boscobel is between Garrison and Cold Spring although a little closer to CS.

Also, depending on your schedule, a great thing to do is to go early and have a picnic dinner or some wine and cheese. The grounds are beautiful. Not sure of the weather, but if it is nice, very worth getting there early and at least walking around. Can see West Point across the river on a decently clear day.


(There is zero chance I would drive up from the City on the Friday of a long holiday weekend. Your instincts are correct.)
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Response by poster: Thanks, AugustWest. I saw no cab companies in Garrison when I looked. It did occur to me that folks would be amenable to sharing, since I don't know how people otherwise get to and from what is a pretty noteworthy festival, with lots of attendees who take the train from the city. And, yes, we're planning on going early to grab some food in town and check out the grounds. In addition to not checking transportation, I also didn't check the weather, so picnicking might be out. But still very excited!
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