What can I bring into Citi Field?
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I'm going to a game at Citi Field next week and I'm staying over in Queens afterwards, so I'll need to bring a bag of clothes etc with me. Will the bag I'm planning to bring be acceptable?

Next week I'm going to the Mets/Brewers game at Citi Field. Hooray! HOWEVER, I will be coming from far away, so after the game, I'm staying over at a friend's house. Which means I have to bring change of clothes, toiletries, ipad for work the next day etc.

According to the Mets website "Backpacks are not permitted at Citi Field, however other bags such as purses, diaper bags that are not backpack-style, tote, drawstring, fully clear backpack-style bags with no obscured inner pockets and messenger style bags along with small soft-sided coolers are still permitted."

My bag is similar to this - tote bag. If that's no good, i could bring this bag instead.

I'm looking for someone who has been to CitiField recently (as in... since Covid restrictions) and can advise me if either of these bags would be acceptable. I THINK they're ok, as based on the website quote above but I cannot risk having my stuff confiscated.

I tried calling CitiField but you can only leave a message - you can't actually talk to a live person. For logistical reasons, I need to figure this out by tomorrow morning. Any advise/anecdotes are appreciated!
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I was there a couple of weeks ago. I saw people with bags that size. Expect to be pretty crowded in your seat with it, though. The regular seats have only a bit more clearance than old-fashioned movie theater seats.
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Just from a google search, but it looks like you can rent a locker within 5 minutes of Citi Field?
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I went to a game in Seattle a couple of years ago prior to catching a red-eye back to the east coast. I just walked into a nearby hotel and checked my bag. Hand over a $5 as you pass the bag to the bell clerk, and they won't ask if you are staying at the hotel.
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Bags are checked first. If you have hassle try another gate.
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I haven't been to Citifield since the Covid restrictions, but the policy you quoted describes the policy that was in place for at least the few seasons pre-Covid. I don't think you'll have any trouble with bags of the size in your links. In previous seasons, I regularly went to Mets games from work with a large tote bag (big enough to hold a change of clothes and a bike helmet and sometimes a laptop) and it was checked, but I was always allowed in. I agree with sandmanwv that if you do encounter resistance by a bag checker, try another gate - you don't have to go in the gate indicated on your ticket (though there are a handful of gates that are restricted to only certain ticketholders, but those are clearly labeled). Also note that in the past there have been two lines at each gate - one for bag check and one for people without bags, so you'll probably end up on the slower/longer line to get in.

FYI - After the backcheck, expect to be personally checked with a metal detector wand, so you may want to remember to move anything metal in your pockets to your bag before going through security.
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Best answer: I attended a game at Citi Field last month and brought a backpack, not knowing the restrictions. They directed me to a mobile locker within sight of the entrance line. It cost maybe $10 and they accepted Venmo among other payment options. I think your intended bag will totally be fine, but even if it's not they will be set up to handle it!
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Best answer: I would go with the second bag because the biggest issue lately seems to be multiple pockets/compartments. I go to another stadium (Target Field) and that is the issue they have. They don't want to dig into every pocket looking for weapons or whatever.
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Response by poster: I went with the second bag and it was totally fine! A lot of worrying for nothing :)
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