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Are there reputable financial/life coach/services out there to help the recently divorced make sound financial decisions going forward?

The divorce has happened and financial details worked out. Guidance is needed to avoid financial pitfalls due to unpredictable freelance income and housing situation, i.e. budgeting for single parent life.
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You’re anonymous but perhaps you could let the mods know what approximate level of income, assets, or wealth you are dealing with here. In my opinion that strongly affects how you would proceed to seek financial and investment advice.
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I recommend the Bogleheads forum, but hesitatingly*.

[tiny]*It's a slice of America; you may not share much more than an interest in finance, and you may have different goals for your dollars than many there. Just last night I posted "Please don't use the shorthand word for transmission, it is deeply offensive to those who where not born in a body that matches their gender and who have faced rejection and discrimination for that" and -poof- this morning the post is gone. Not the first time, either. Thank you for allowing this venting derail.[/tiny]

One thing to make sure you avoid is someone who will "manage" your money for an assets-under-management (AUM) fee, or someone who sells you products for which they earn a kickback. You can look for a fee-for-service financial planner, but be wary of the overlap between those and "money managers".

There are a few people here who might have relevant experience / knowledge, if you're comfortable posting some generalities about income, assets, debts, responsibilities, etc.
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There is an organization of Certified Divorce Financial Analysts who provide exactly what you are looking for.
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