Where can I find jobs in the Caribbean online?
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I'm moving to the Caribbean within half a year and I'm having a hard time finding the best place online to look for jobs. I'm don't know where in the Caribbean I'll be moving yet. My background is in graphic and web design, IT and technical writing.
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Can't help, I'm afraid. But if you find out, brokekid, let me know too. We have very similar backgrounds...

Can I ask why you're making the big move? Sheer adventure, or...? Anyway, have a ball.
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Well, I live in the Caribbean, in Santo Domingo, Capital of the Dominican Republic. Can't tell you this is the best place in the caribbean but it's really worth it. About looking for a job here, I know there are some sites, but I would have to find them in the local newspaper, in case you hace Dominican Republic as an option, just tell me and I'll look them for you. In my case, I'm a programmer and here I don't get paid what I think is worth. My solution: I have a company based in the US (Delaware) and I program here and sell in the US using sites as rentacoder and elance. The benefit is that I get payed in dollars which when you convert them to Dominican pesos (current rate US$1 dollar = RD$33 pesos) is A LOT. So I get the best of both worlds, a payroll as an American and an Island like the DR, same temperature all year long (around 85 F), beaches all around us, and a lot more.

Bottom line, I just found on the internet that the average income in the DR for 2005 was US$2,130. I can easily make that in a month, so I can have a really good economical position without the hard competition.

Sorry for any misspellings on this post. My native language is Spanish. English is my second.
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"The Caribbean" is a pretty big place. I would say, find out where you're moving first, and then find specific job sites for that island. Or, if you plan on moving to an island based on where you find a job, come up with some possible candidates and search for job sites for those islands. I don't think there's a Monster.Caribbean type website. Some starter islands for development work, off the top of my head: the Cayman Islands seem to have lots of banks, so if you don't mind working for a bank I'm sure they have jobs for technical minded folk (I remember back when I was in school at Waterloo, there would always be postings for co-op developer jobs in the Caymans).
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One thing to try: Research online the names of the local papers of the various islands you're interested in, and get a subscription to their newspapers. This can be costly, but it's going to be one of your only options.
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