Apollo Neuro experiences?
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Does anyone here have any experience with Apollo Neuro wearable? It sounds like it’s a biofeedback device for things like stress reduction, but the language on it seems to be a little vague.
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I've owned one for about 2 weeks now. It uses patterns of vibrations to evoke a mental state. I wear it around my ankle and I try to get the recommended 2+ hours in a day. It has several modes: 1. Energy and Wake Up at 5 min long (the vibration pattern is pretty lively, and works to wake you up. It won't replace sleep but it's helpful). 2. Social and Open 30 Min (helpful also for creative endeavors) 3. Clear and Focused 30 min (helps me a lot) 4. Rebuild and Recover 15 min (haven't used this one but it's for recovering after a workout, might also be useful for recovering from work) 4. Meditation & Mindfulness 15 min (I like this one a lot) 5. Relax and Unwind 30 min (my favorite, very good before, during or after a stressful day) and 6. Sleep and Renew 60 min (haven't used this one too much but it seems helpful for taking naps---I'm not really a napper but sometimes I need to nap). You control it from an app on your phone and you can adjust the intensity of the vibrations up or down. I tend to use less intensity than recommended on the suggestions on the card they include). I think it's a good product and it has really helped me. It is worth the $375-ish. Having said that, the unit will need to be recharged daily if you use it a lot, like I do and that requires some planning. So far, I love it! YMMV, of course.
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I got one this winter after watching this video that goes deeper into the scientfic underpinnings. It's the physician founder explaining his research to an audience of doctors, so it's somewhat less hand-wavy than the explanation on the website.

The Apollo effect is mild enough that sometimes I wonder whether it's a complex placebo. But I do find myself reaching for it when I'm stressed (I especially like the setting for socially stressful situations), and I've logged a couple thousand hours of use so far -- so if it's a placebo, it's one with persistent effects for me.

If you need it and can afford it, I think it's worth a try.
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I have one as well and also am in the boat of not really sure if it does much beyond the placebo realm. One thing I have found is (because it vibrates at non-standard intervals and you can turn the intensity up) it can act as an effective grounding tool by just making you more aware of and present in your body. So aside from any ambiguous research-backed vagus nerve stimulation mechanism, just by being a vibrating thing on your body it has some sort of therapeutic effect even if it is more limited.
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