Is a YouTube podcast a good idea for literature and non-fictional books?
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I would like to start a podcast that focuses on interviewing and discussing Canadian writers' works spanning from literature, biography, and non-fiction. I am not sure if YouTube is the best medium for starting a podcast on books?

Would YouTube be the right medium? Without video and only audio recording? Would interviewers feel more comfortable with audio or video? Would an audience prefer video interviews/discussions or audio for listening/discussions? Would it be best to focus elsewhere for setting up a Canadian literary podcast besides YouTube? I have no idea - this is a project I have been wanting to do for a long time. I have editorial experience in literature/and some educational background in English literature as well.
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I can tell you I read a lot and listen to a lot of podcasts but would never listen to a podcast on YouTube. I am but one data oint.
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Definitely with video if you are on YouTube. 100%. There's a whole book-tube community on YouTube so there is definitely an audience for it. It's mostly book reviews and interviews on the tube though but I think it would definitely be welcomed. I'd watch for sure.
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For podcasts I see on YouTube, they record video and post it on YouTube, while an audio-only version is posted to a podcasting service. Then anyone can access the audio through their own podcast app or feed reader.

If you don't want to do video, there is no point in using YouTube.
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If you choose to go audio, soundcloud has a trivial RSS feed option that you can turn on with a few clicks. Youtube seems to have worked hard to sabotage any attempt at interoperability.
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I listen to both, and I would recommend both. Audio, for me, is for the car, where I need something to listen to but can’t watch video. Video (or minimal-video-but-posted-to-YouTube) is for work time when I’m on my laptop and can have it playing in another tab without running the battery on my phone down. I don’t think audio-only on YouTube would be a popular option, but I’m one data point that at least some people do it.
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I think YouTube is a smart thing to add because—coming from a lit background myself—a lot of people you interview will probably have nothing else on YouTube, and YouTube is a great long-tail platform. Definitely with video, if possible. But like several other commenters I think you should also put it on a conventional RSS feed, in Apple Music, on Spotify if you want, etc.
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