Am I blocking myself from jobs with NoScript?
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I have NoScript running to prevent a lot of ads, anti-adblock, and general tracking processes. I'm also looking for work. The thought occurred to me that blocking my Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager might somehow interfere with workings of Applicant Tracking Systems and Candidate Management Systems for applications I've put in over web forums. Is this something I should worry about?
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Best answer: If you’re getting email confirmations, I wouldn’t worry about it. Enough IT-savvy folks apply for jobs that the candidate management systems must mostly be working. That said, I’d probably whitelist job sites I’m applying through, at least for the duration of the application.
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Best answer: If you're getting a confirmation response from the website on application submit, then you're totally fine because the server side has fully accepted what you put in. If you're not getting confirmations then it's totally possible your browser settings are blocking something important like a popup or some weird javascript it depends on. Unless you find yourself asking the question "This looks weird, did it actually submit?" then I wouldn't worry about it.
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Best answer: Blocking all javascript on the forms where you're applying might break them, but it'd likely be obvious that they were broken. Blocking GTM and GA should not be a problem; they're used for after-the-fact traffic analysis, not core functionality.

The hiring manager is only going to see is your resume and other submitted info; the only other data I see in ours is which site they applied through (stackoverflow, indeed, our recruiting page, etc).

(These applications tend to have to interact directly with forms hosted on a lot of different job-listing sites, so they're going to want to keep those integrations as simple as possible.)
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Best answer: Agreed with all the above, but also, if you're worried, you can use a separate browser or set up a separate profile (on Firefox; I assume you can do something similar with chrome) to use just for application submissions.
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