Pack it tight.
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What's a person to do with 25 cubic feet of packing peanuts?

A friend recently came across a large supply of packing peanuts and wants some ideas. Extra points if it results in him losing his virginity

...not really.
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Do what I did: make a huge (think recliner-sized) beanbag form out of old fabric, then stuff with the peanuts. The peanuts crush down and eventually disintegrate, making the chair an unstoppable recycling machine.
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Work in a cubicle farm? Fill a guy's cubicle with 'em.
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OK, I'll help you out. But, listen to me goddamnit! You're gonna do it my way every step of the way, or not at all! If I hear the word 'but' outta your mouth just one time, I'm walking! You hear me? here's what you do:

1. Fill something with them.
2. Jump into them.
3. Repeat.
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If not a cubicle, someone's car, dorm room, filing cabinets, toilet, or any place that produces the classic "This generally open space is filled with some form of voluminious material! How wacky!". But seriously, do that.
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Readymade had a packing peanuts challenge in one issue, and I think the winning design had used them to make hanging threaded curtains.
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I second the filling of someone's cubicle.

Or, if you're feeling destructive, dissolve the peanuts into gasoline and make your own napalm.
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Please note that 25 cubic feet of packing peanuts is not enough for most of these suggestions. In particular, it won't even come close to filling a cubicle. It's only enough to fill a 2.5'x2.5'x4' box.
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Packing peanuts do dissolve in acetone (e.g. nail polish remover), and large quantities of packing peanuts can be converted into a small quantity of goop that way. It's entertaining if you enjoy seeing huge quantities of packing peanuts seemingly vanish, or if you enjoy goop.

I can't think of anything reallyentertaining to do with them, though.
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Fenriq, I like how the site you linked to specifically says to avoid using packing peanuts when making napalm.
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You wanna know what I do with such quantities?


I take them to Mailboxes Etc. to be reused as they see fit, rather than having to throw them away. Call ahead.
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... snorkel...
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When I was a kid, my father worked at a university. For my birthday parties, he would get huge card board boxes, fill them with peanuts, put prizes in them and have us dive in to try to find them.

Sounds like you might have enough to fill a kiddie pool for some one's happily shrieking brats.
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If you're trying to find some way to get rid of them, take them to a UPS store.
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Oops, did a too-fast scan of it, Mr. Encyclopedia. I was remembering it from the Anarchist Cookbook.

This recipe should work.
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I second trinarian.
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If you're trying to get rid of them (without giving them to UPS or the like), see if freecycle operates in your area. There's always someone that need packing supplies...
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25 cubic feet isn't really all that much, as musicinmybrain points out. It's enough to fill a small coffin, but that's about it really. If it was, say, 1000 cubic feet, THEN we would be talkin!
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My partner has a deal with a local store that does mail order. She takes in packing peanuts (which she also collects from friends), and she gets a small discount. She also gets to feel righteous for recycling.
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