Beanbags for grown-ups?
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I want a beanbag chair-type thing for flexible seating and lounging. But I want it to be the most mature, adult, elegant, sophisticated grown-up-looking beanbag possible. Not like, executive leather, but well-made from nice materials, won't look too out-of-place among expensive furniture. Does such a thing exist?
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Best answer: Not sure if Restoration Hardware is in your budget or not, but they're pretty handsome, for beanbags.
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Best answer: Lovesac is the original, and they have very nice selection of textiles for covers. They are nooooot cheap.

I have a friend whose living room was all Lovesacs for a long time, until shoulder issues started making it hard to get up from them. It definitely looked like a room full of beanbags, but you could tell they were high-end and comfortable.
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Lovesacs are comfortable as hell.
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Thirding Lovesac from personal experience.
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Best answer: One of my friends has a Lujo beanbag chair, and, while I wouldn't spend that kind of money on a beanbag chair, I will admit that it's pretty nice.
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Muji's Body Fit Cushion might work.
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Lovesacs are sooo comfortable. I had a friend in college who slept on a monstrously large lovesac.
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Well here's something from left field. Made by artisans in Africa using materials leftover from the fashion industry (so: circular economy). I don't think "elegant" is the right word, but it is absolutely fits with our sophisticated, adult decor. Ashanti design.
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Fatboy of course!
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Response by poster: To calibrate, the Fatboys are specifically ones that I don't like--the materials they use doesn't read grown-up/sophisticated to my aesthetics. The Sumo Lounge is sort of borderline.

Lujo looks spot-on! The Restoration Hardware one fits philosophically, even though I personally specifically don't want leather.

The Lovesacs look promising, too, but I swear I recall reading horror stories about them falling apart, molding, etc.
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We've had our Sumo Lounge bean bags for seven years now and they are holding up really well. The washable covers have gone a long way to making them work for us.
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Best answer: I've been a Lovesac owner for over 20 years. I had one last for 15 years or so without issues - and we used it heavily during that time. Just as a point of anecdata. :)
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Sumo Lounge ain't what they were. I remember being in awe of the quality during early Web 2.0, but when I finally got one about five years ago, it was nice, but not nearly the quality I remember. They're also kind of underfilled, and adding extra fill is something you don't want to do.
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Muji has a really nice and extremely comfortable one. It doesn't look like much on their website, but you can see here how it fits nicely in fairly grown-up interiors.
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Best answer: I think these rock pouffs read very upscale.
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