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I'm vaccinated and dreaming of post-mask socializing. What are some universally flattering lip stains, glosses, sticks? If it matters, I have medium brown & grey hair, blue eyes and - I think - neutral undertones to my skin (can't tell if I look better in silver or gold). Also, I'm lazy AF and would prefer to not need primers, liners, etc.
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This is a bit of a throwback, but I think Clinique’s Almost Lipstick in Black Honey is easy to wear (sheer, nice texture) and flattering on many people.
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It's not cheap, but Dior Lip Glow is **amazeballs** in pink (shade #1). I am a person who wants LIPS for days but is also super lazy and can't deal with liners, primers, like you. This is absolutely perfect and goes on as easily as possible.
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I love Glossier for these items. Ultra lip is subtle and adds just that hint of color. "Ultra Lip: The buildable color of a lip tint, the sheen of a gloss, and the deep moisture of a balm, without the hassle of layering multiple products (and it comes in nine rich shades that can go from sheer to saturated in a few swipes)" I am a pasty Irish American and wear their Coupe and Vesper. The other lipstick I like, thanks to AOC is Stila Cosmetics’ Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Beso. It is a bold red, but is a new fangled lipstick that doesn't ware off. I love it and get so many compliments when I wear it.
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My coloring is similar to yours and I second the recommendation of Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. I also really like the Honest Beauty tinted lip balm in the shade Fruit Punch.
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I don't wear makeup or know anything about makeup, but several years ago there was A Thing about finding the best most flattering nude lipstick shade for you... The trick is apparently to color match your areolas. I have to just take at their word that they had done the color matching correctly, but the youtubers and other internet people who demo'd the trend all indeed did get very flattering-on-them shades.
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I have similar coloring, I think. Although it might be too sheer for what you're looking for, I like Burt's Bees pomegranate lip balm. Very sheer color and not sticky. I don't even think it's marketed as leaving a tint, but it does for me.
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Thirding black honey. It’s buildable and makes teeth look whiter.
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Seconding Glossier ultra lip and Stilla All Day! Glossier is perfect for a casual "I just threw this on" type situation, while I love to use the Stilla for special events - dinners, parties, and the like.
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I am a big fan of Burt's Bees Lip Shimmers. As a cool/neutral skin tone, my top colors are Rhubarb, Fig and Watermelon. They are super easy to wear, and yet are more than you might expect from Burt's Bees.
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Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in Fig has a long history of being recommended as a dupe for Clinique’s Black Honey. Having worn both, they’re not the same! Fig has a different texture: less sheer, more frost. It may be slightly warmer. But if you like one, you may like the other.

If you want something redder, Badger makes a very similar product in a shade called Garnet.
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Seconding Dior Lip Glow!
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I’m balls at recommending colors, but my favorite line is Lipstick Queen’s Saints and Sinners. The Sinners are matte lipsticks with intense color, while the Saints are the same colors but in a glossy, light 10% pigment formulation.
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If you're wanting to drop a bit of coin, Nars makes a lip balm that absolutely slays me, and I'm sort of obsessed with lip balms so I've tried a lot of them. The shade Orgasm looks great on everyone I've ever seen it on.
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The NYT just did a story on MLBB - finding your “lips but better” color. I know you gave us some info, but is there a celebrity who has similar coloring to you? If you let me know, I can definitely recommend specific colors/ products for you!
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Agree with the Black Honey, and for all you Black Honey lovers, Boom Stick is like Black Honey but for your whole face. Which sounds weird. But it’s awesome and although it’s marketed to older women, it’s just a very natural-looking, universally flattering, all-purpose tint.
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Charlotte Tillbury Pillow Talk is the OG universal shade. It's sepndy but if you're caucasian, it's pretty much perfect for, well, everything.
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It's a bit spendy, but my favorite gloss is Fenty's Gloss Bomb, and it's billed as universal. I have the original color, which I believe is now called "Fenty Glow".
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Pillow Talk is super unflattering on me, a non-Caucasian. NARS Dolce Vita is better IMO.

If you want nude/MLBB, I’d look for something a shade or two darker than your natural lip color, a bit sheer/glossy, either a dusty or coralish pink color depending on how cool/warm and clear/muted your skin tone leans. “Universally flattering” is usually not. If you can give an example of a celeb with similar coloring you can get some personalized recommendations here!
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I love these $5 Revlon Kiss lip balms and alternate between the Cherry and Berry shades, depending on what I'm wearing. Plus, $5! Available at Target and probably your local grocery or drug store.
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If you want to go hard, think about lip blushing!
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This Sugar Lip Balm is my holy grail, as they say. It feels amazing and is just the perfect low maintenance, barely there color that I can apply even without a mirror. This Burt’s Bees is my less spendy back up choice. The colors are great, it just doesn’t quite have the awesome hydrating (without sticky glossiness) feel of the Sugar balm.
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I just picked up a MAC Shot of Colour Lip Oil in "Completely Blasted." It is shockingly lovely. It feels so comfortable on the lips -- cushiony and smooth but not goopy or sticky. And the colour is absolutely gorgeous (but they have less vibrant colours as well!).
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