Need Extreme Hardcore Recommendations S'il Vous Plait
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Recently heard an old favorite song from my Seattle days - Press Gang by the Murder City Devils - and today I have a huge jones to hear more fun stuff like it. Bands you should also consider for this thread: Zeke, Speedealer, Revolution Mother, The Bronx, Fury, etc. I need it fast, loud and scary as hell.
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Best answer: McLusky their lyrics and titles are funny too.
posted by The_Vegetables at 11:35 AM on June 21, 2021

you might like Metz or PUP.
posted by entropone at 12:13 PM on June 21, 2021

Fast, loud, relatively scary for certain values of scary, 'fun' is relative...

The Endless Blockade
Column of Heaven
Fear of God - 21 songs in 11.5 minutes!
Brigada do odio - 8 songs in 3.5 minutes!
Extreme Noise Terror
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you might dig municipal waste..
posted by megan_magnolia at 12:50 PM on June 21, 2021

Possibly Cloud Nothings. They strike the same chord of, like, melodic frenzy for me.
posted by girlstyle at 6:25 PM on June 22, 2021

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