One-Touch Type Battery can openers
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I love them so much…….until they INEVITABLY stop working. I have gone through so many. I love how I can put it on the can, push the button, then go about whatever else I need to do in a recipe while it opens my can. I know…it would be more mindful to open the can manually and reliably even if ( or maybe because) that prohibits me from recipe multi tasking…..but I am who I am.

I am currently staring at two such fails. One is Zyliss, one is Tornado. Both have new batteries but they no longer cut. Is there a brand out there that actually works more than a few months? I have also tried One Touch (same sad story). I have read all the helpful reccomendations about electric (plug-iin) can openers and manual can openers. I don’t want to take up counter space with an electric model and would love the convenience of “one touch” over manual if there is a well made model out there.
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Can you get your money back on the Zyliss, from the 2-year warranty?
And maybe try the Hamilton Beach rechargeable-battery model. (Prime the battery by charging 24 hours, and then store the opener in a drawer.)
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Best answer: Good Housekeeping prefers "Kitchen Mama" automatic can opener which uses 4 AA batteries. It's one-touch, so just keep AA batteries around, or use rechargeables. Prime Day price is down to... $28.
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