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I'm looking for a specific type of doorstop, and I don't know what it's called or how to search for it.

The type of doorstop I'm looking for is fabric, and it runs the length of the door, and it has two sides - so you essentially slide it under the door and it prevents the door from moving in either direction. In cross section, it looks like the voice mail icon.

Is there a name for this type of doorstop? Whenever I search for "fabric doorstop" online in general, or at etsy, I see a lot of sorta small sandbag-shaped ones that rest against the door, but nothing like I'm describing. I've seen this style of doorstop in a few medical office buildings recently, but when I ask nobody at those places knows where the building got them from.
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Best answer: Twin/double draft stopper/guard: example
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Best answer: "Draft stopper" or "draft excluder".
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Response by poster: That's it! Thank you both.
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These don't stop the door from moving though. They just block air from traveling under.
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When my son was little we had one of these and I explained what it was for. “It will stop the drafts from coming in.” He looked very puzzled and said, “But we don’t have any giraffes.”
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