How would you hang up this whiteboard?
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found a perfectly sized whiteboard on the street- pictures inside!

pictures here

trying to hang up a whiteboard within about 1.5 inches from a corner.

it has 4 holes at the corner. how should i do this?
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Command brand velcro strips. They're good.
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French cleat made from 1/2" plywood, with another strip of 1/2" ply at the bottom so it's not stressed when you write on it.
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Command is good... but you need your paint (the the paper coat on the drywall) to be good as well, otherwise it'll tear off the wall and leave bare drywall behind.

Best scenario - find studs, install two vertical strips of wood with screws into the studs.

Then use command velcro or screw directly into the wood strips.
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I would use drywall anchors, because these involve making quite small holes in the drywall that are very easy to repair with small amounts of spackle if the board needs to be moved elsewhere. Command strips or other solutions that involve sticking stuff to the surface of the drywall will, if they fail, leave tears in the drywall's paper coating layer that are much harder to disguise.

Drywall isn't really a structural material but something like a whiteboard is pretty much an ideal load for drywall anchors; all the weight is close to the wall so the anchor load is almost entirely shear and very nearly no tension, which is exactly what they're designed for. I would expect one anchor at each corner to be perfectly fine.
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Oh, and if you drill a hole in your wall to mount a drywall anchor and you find the drill boring into a stud instead, just use a wood screw straight into the stud for that mounting hole.
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Yeah, I would use screws with drywall anchors. Go to the hardware store and buy one of the packs that has the matching screws and anchors sold together. Make sure the screws are long enough to pass through the hole on the whiteboard and go at least ~3/4 of an inch into the drywall.

Command strips are probably not going to be strong enough to hold up that whiteboard (ask me how I know), but drywall anchors can take quite a lot of weight, especially distributed among 4 separate screws.
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Response by poster: For the folks suggesting screws + anchors- should I be worried about hitting a metal brace thingy in the left corner of that drywall? (that is mainly what i am worried about) How far away from the corner should i move to not deal with that @mekily @flabdablet

Thanks so much!
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Best answer: The only things it's really ever worth being worried about hitting when drilling into drywall are electrical cables and plumbing.

If you're going to hit the sheet metal reinforcement that holds a typical drywall corner together then you're probably going to go into the stud behind it as well, which is good because it saves you an anchor.

If you have reason to believe that the place where you're drilling a hole might have a run of cable or pipework behind it, then instead of going straight in with a drill you can make an exploratory hole by hand, grinding away at the drywall with a small flat-bladed screwdriver. That way you're more likely just to give any cable or pipe a bit of a shove than to puncture it, and in any case you will feel the screwdriver hit anything texturally different from plaster or cardboard well before it hits it hard enough to do any damage. If your screwdriver makes it all the way through and can wiggle around freely afterwards, then you can enlarge to the correct size with the drill.
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I have this (exact?) white board and I used the included screws and anchors to secure it. see 3rd picture.
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