My FitBit is driving me nucking futs. Help!
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I recently got a Fitbit - the Inspire 2 to be exact. One of my favorite features is how it reminds you to get up and move every hour while you're working. Except this feature (and notifications in general) will randomly stop working for me as often daily.

I'll google the issue and find some godawful support forum with 700 people complaining about the same issue, then finally on some page somewhere in the thread a person from the company comes on and suggests 26 different things you can try to fix it. Which I try and eventually one works but the same solution somehow doesn't work the next time it happens. I'm running out of patience with having to troubleshoot this thing all the time.

Has anyone been able to permanently solve the problem of their randomly Fitbit not getting notifications? If so, please share your wisdom with me before I take a hammer to mine.
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So funny you should mention this. I've noticed the same thing with my Inspire 2 and am also unhappy. What I've learned from ownership of several previous Fitbits is that the best strategy is to call up their customer service people, let them try what they can, and eventually they will offer to replace your tracker under warranty. Which it actually happens to be, in this case. This is what I was planning to do again in the next few days. (And when I get the new one, I swear I'm going to put a screen protector on it. The crystal scuffs so fast!)
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Mine doesn't cooperate in this way (or several others), either. I suspect that's why the Inspire 2 was on sale everywhere this spring (when I bought mine) and I should have known better.
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I have an older Inspire, and I spent a bunch of time with customer service trying to fix it. I did all 10000 things, and eventually it started working most of the time. There is no patch, and I’m not sure I’d stick with Fitbit once this one dies. Sorry, I wish I had better news.
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> I suspect that's why the Inspire 2 was on sale everywhere this spring

My Charge 3 is the same; it doesn't give me the hourly reminders any more, even though I believe I have all the settings as they should be.
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