Podcasts From a First-person Perspective?
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I'm considering an audio project that covers my own experience in a subject, from a first-person perspective, and I'm seeking recommendations of existing podcasts that do the same.

I have recently finished listening to a short podcast called Unread, about a person who is seeking answers in the wake of a tragedy. He talks to a few people involved, but it's mostly from his perspective, and I have an idea for a similar project.

I'd like to listen to things in this sort of landscape. Either serious or funny, happy or sad, just podcast format with a single protagonist who is speaking about their experiences from a first-person perspective, with minimal guests. Any suggestions on what I should listen to?
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Alice Isn't Dead for fiction, and The Moth for nonfiction.
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I Pray You Put This Journal Away is a man and his wife talking about his experiences as a child in the same Christian cult as the Duggars. It's structured around the two of them reading through the journal he kept as a teenager.

(His wife too also comes from a culty Christian background, but the podcast isn't as much about her.
This is by her choice. She explains, in an episode, that she gets anxiety and finds it really hard to talk about her personal stuff when she knows there are people who will listen. So, that's why the podcast is really oriented around him, not her.)
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Millennial is by a woman who just graduated college finding her way in the world. She interviews people but it is mostly from her perspective.

StartUp is about a guy starting his own podcasting company, which is now called Gimlet. He interviews people but it is mostly from his perspective.

The Heart series on consent (called 'No').
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I forgot about Millennial, that was a great series.
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Another I just thought of is Strangers. Lea Thau is the host, and she has a lot of earlier episodes from her perspective, but you have to pay for those. The more recent ones (which are free) are interviews but you mostly do not hear the interview questions, so I think it fits being from a first-person perspective.

Also maybe Snap Judgement, which is storytelling like the Moth.
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I think “My Year in Mensa” may qualify
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Scattered has some other voices but is mostly told from the perspective of a comedian investigating his father's life.

This is Actually Happening is a different protagonist each episode telling a story about their own (intense and unusual) experiences. Some episodes address disturbing topics so there are content warnings in the show notes.

Family Secrets is mostly interviews, but the first couple of episodes are the host talking about her own family secret.

The Tobolowsky Files might qualify. As I recall there is an interviewer but he doesn't say much.
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