I would like to not rent everything listeny.
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How do i rip my audible files to mp3 (or whatever) before i bail from the service? thx!
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Best answer: If I understand your question, you just go to your Library and click download next to the books you want to download. Right now they seem to be .axx files.
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Best answer: This worked for me, at a small cost of $24CAD: OpenAudible.
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Best answer: Just for clarity, you won't lose access just because you stop subscribing, you just stop getting credits.

There are lots of ways of decrypting your audible library, but Tiamat's suggestion of OpenAudible is definitely the easiest.
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Best answer: Depending on what you mean by "bail", you may be fine. If you just cancel your subscription, you can maintain a free account, and you will retain access to the books you have purchased. If you want to completely close your account, or ensure that you retain access to the files regardless of whatever copyright/licensing situation comes up in the future, then you do need to download the files yourself.
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Best answer: I don't use Audible, but if I did I'd do a search for "strip audible drm".
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Best answer: Use inAudible - free, open source, works great. (link goes to github)
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Response by poster: ty! y'all are the best.
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