Foam bed topper - the forgetful variety, please
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I'm having a hard time finding a new bed topper. I find memory foam too squishy and unsupportive. Relatively UNsnowflakey details follow...

I need to replace a foam bed topper that has served well for many years, but seems to no longer be providing enough support. (I don't think it's the mattress because I have an air bed.) Looking for a decent quality topper is surprisingly more difficult than anticipated. I guess I lucked out with my old one.

I need probably at least a "medium" firmness. Density and firmness seem to be unpinned-down measurements for many foam products, probably for good reasons, but it's making it hard to find something that will work well for me.

Please share any resources, tips, or info that you think would be helpful!

PS: Oh, and I have a preference for something that I can obtain from/through a local store or a company with a great return policy, because I suspect the possibility of at least one return to be high, given the dearth of a reliable foam classification/rating system.
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We moved from a memory foam topper to a natural latex topper a few years ago and we still like it. I've only bought that one product from them, but it looks like their return policy is generous.

We have a 2" medium firmness topper over a cheap spring mattress, and I'm a 170lb side sleeper and my husband is a 230lb stomach sleeper for some reference points. I think side sleepers like things a bit softer so maybe try firm if that doesn't sound compatible. Natural latex has a "bouncy" feel in contrast to that memory foam squishy/enveloping thing.
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I have a topper from the same company as above, soft and 2”. I used to have it on an Ikea spring mattress and now (since moving and not wanting to move a mattress) I’m using it on top of a cheap 3 or 4” Ikea foam futon mattress that folds up, which has been a fairly decent experience, all told. I got it because as I got older I felt like I was a little sore while waking up in the morning and wanted to cushion some pressure points, basically. Historically I have liked firm mattresses and I’d say that I still do, overall.

I am happy with it. I don’t tend to like memory foam either, but I like the springiness of latex. I did initially wish I’d gotten the 1” instead (though didn’t try to exchange because my life got chaotic) so that I could still feel/be supported by the firmer mattress surface more, but I still like it. I think if I wanted a firmer experience I’d still just switch to 1” rather than a firmer latex, but YMMV.
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We really like the Serta feather down topper we bought for about one hundred dollars.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the responses. Would appreciate some additional resources/recommendations for other toppers/companies.

I might consider the latex one, but last time we were looking for a bed, we ruled out latex mattresses and I'm not sure a latex topper would work for us. But, return policy -- still, more options would be nice.

And, down is not viable in our situation.
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