Taste in mouth just before/beginning of period
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Does anyone else get a taste in their mouth just before (like hours) their period and at the beginning? I've always described it as "tasting as though my saliva is stale." I'm looking for anyone else who gets a taste and can describe it and holy-grail...any idea what exactly causes it?
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WebMD is pretty sure it’s a thing.
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Response by poster: Interesting...but that doesn't really talk about a change in the taste in one's mouth. There's gingivitis mentioned, but I don't think that's what I'm talking about.
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I don't know that there's any super-specific studies I can cite, but yes there is frequently a connection between endocrine changes and the taste in your mouth. Many people in (deliberate) dietary ketosis experience bad breath and a bad or metallic taste in the mouth, which is also sometimes a warning sign of diabetes (for much the same reason).

Better-documented are the salivary changes associated with menstration. You can predict ovulation at home with a cheap microscope and your saliva, which will look fern-like just prior to ovulation. This is also going to affect the microbiome in your mouth.
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I used occasionally get what I'd call a metallic, cottony taste in my mouth just before my period. Good news is I went through menopause and it passed, bad news is I now have dry mouth because of menopause. Hormones, like cats, be crazy.
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Yes also a sharp metallic tang taste in my mouth, related to my period and also ovulation cramps. When I was going through the egg freezing process, it was even sharper than usual!
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It is well described in Traditional Chinese Medicine books from over 2000 years ago and they differentiate by the taste (sour or metallic or burning). So, you are not alone and folks throughout history have experienced this.
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