Uses for velcro
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I have ~30 uninterrupted feet of 3/4 inch velcro that can't be returned. What are some useful/creative/fun things I might do with it?
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Attaching storage containers to the walls of your camping van

Installing non-destructive signs and graffiti

Attaching cheap bins from the dollar store where they are needed

Attaching your phone to your dashboard

Velcro a large paper clip to a wall or desk to keep papers in place (via Googling)
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Cable management. Get that rats-nest under your desk under control.
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bondage toys
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Stick remote controls to the place they’re supposed to go.
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Very long ASMR videos.
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I have a couch thats cushions are always slipping slowly outwards. I put a couple inches of velcro on the bottom of each and now they stay put no matter what happens.
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I feel like there’s the potential for an interesting Halloween costume there.
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Cover something with a big area of the loop part. Attach the hook part to things. Stick the things to the something. Rearrange.

Storage; faces; art; little lights; calendar items; advent calendar presents; quotes and poems
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I use the sticky backed stuff to stick usb hubs and power strips to the very back of my desk. You run the fur side on the desk (picks up less fluff than the hook side) in an uninterrupted run, and then use patches on anything you want to go there. Would be an easy way to do cable management at the same time, I imagine, and it would also work on media centres.
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I have a couple of tools and pens velcroed to the spots where I always need them. Not only is it where I need it, but it’s more likely to get back there after it’s used.
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Surely these days you have a preferred spot for video calls. Attach Velcro to wall in large frame shape, get a board the same size and put the corresponding Velcro on the back of it so you can securely attach it to the wall. Then work out a grid on the board, placing squares of Velcro evenly all over. Use construction paper, cardstock, and whatever other craft supplies you have laying around to create a variety of shapes and objects. Matching Velcro squares on the backs of those. Stick a hook on the wall below your frame and hang a bag with all your parts in it. Whenever you have a video call, make increasingly surreal and ridiculous collaged backdrops for yourself. Also use the board in portable form for photo shoots in different environments. I suggest making some 90s style squiggly shapes and triangles, trees and flowers, stars and hearts etc, different holiday and seasonal shapes, Matisse-like abstract ferns and blobs, and whatever weird in-jokes that would make the people you’re calling smile.
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Best answer: Velcro suit and wall to jump up on and stick to. Possibly combined with a trampoline.
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