Female hair loss doctors in NY/NJ area?
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I need some help with unexplained female hair loss. 30s, no known contributing health issues, suddenly losing a ton of hair all over the head. It stopped for several moths and is back with a vengeance this week. Does anyone know of any good physicians in the NYC/NJ area who specialize in female hair loss? Ideally someone who is not trying to sell me on a transplant/wig as seems to the case with a lot of these specialized women's hair clinics. I went to one random dermatologist who was terrible and extremely dismissive. Would be particularly great to find someone who takes Optum health insurance. Thanks!
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Have you lost a significant amount of weight recently or had surgery of any kind?
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Response by poster: @Sara_NOT_Sarah: No, have not had surgery and have not fluctuated in weight by more than 2-3 pounds in several months
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Hair loss can be part of PCOS so maybe look for an endocrinologist? I can’t help on NYC recommendations sorry.
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I also don't have local NYC/NJ recs, but do also think that the best route would be to see and endocrinologist. Any number of hormonal axis problems can lead to hair loss, and an endocrinologist will be able to do a comprehensive evaluation.
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Hair loss is covered by dermatologists.

One of the first things they may ask is your iron level and if you've had anemia. For some people, even an "okay" level of iron can cause hair loss and you'll need more. Push for bloodwork, including thyroid, and not just general thyroid levels, but specifically T3 and T4, as some thyroid issues need those levels to determine what's happening.
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1st fact) Doctors dont cure hair loss they will only point you to ways to continue to need their help like rogaine and hair thickeners. You will need to get checked for auto immune diseases and other genetic causes.
2) hair loss is sometimes hereditary and not even dna profiling can tell who has what form of hair loss.
3) I lost all my hair starting at age 9 due to an over worked single mother of 5 trying to shortcut hair care for two tender headed twin girls. Nothing I tried fixed or slowed it down enough to warrant the kind of devotion to my hair it required. So it is gone and so was my self esteem until maybe two years ago.
4) my suggestion...stop washing your hair. Dry shampoos work as well as shower drenched ones and dont need to happen but every other week. For oily residue limp hair corn starch and baby powder lift the base so it isnt clogging your scalp pores and dont pony tail. Brush or braid it while its wet. Dont wear hats while its wet, only use towels to ring moisture out but dont wear them all day while your hair is wet. (Scalps get mold and you cant see it per se but it will kill your hair and strangle to nutrient path to follicles thus killing them too. A slow and unnoticeable death) sorry you have this problem but dont let doctors lie to you by telling you you can stop hair loss with their help. They wouldnt be in business if they could stop hair loss
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Best answer: Sorry, I don't have specific recommendation, but I just remembered reading a couple of articles on the NY Times (The Pandemic Is Making Your Hair Fall Out and Losing Your Hair Can Be Another Consequence of the Pandemic. Maybe that's something that you could check into?
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Best answer: That sounds traumatic, OP. I’m sorry. I had hair thinning (I’m older than you but it did start to ramp up in my 30s), and was also referred to a dermatologist who was not very helpful. (She prescribed biotin and collagen supplements and rogaine, fwiw. Rogaine is available over the counter and even Costco carries it, so now you know everything my dermatologist told me). I think the next step is an endocrinologist and thyroid testing. Your GP may be able to help order testing sooner if the endo appointment is delayed. Do the women in your family have thin hair? I think you would have mentioned, but are you post partum?
Best case scenario, it’s low iron levels. Being younger may help because they won’t shrug and dismiss it as pre menopause as quickly. Another thing I learned is to not wash or style my hair for the dr appointments. You probably have a style that helps cover the thinning, but if you do that before the appointment, the dr will say, “this isn’t bad!” A male dr especially may do that, especially if he is bald.
I hope you can find some answers. That’s a stressful situation.
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