Fossil hunting near NYC/Philly
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My 4.5-year-old loves fossils. Can you recommend any sites for fossil hunting within a 1-2 hours' drive from NYC or Philly? He's been to Big Brook in NJ but interested in finding other sites, too. Thanks!
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Best answer: Looks like the Rowan University Fossil Park is only open to the public on a limited basis - but something to keep on your radar / for when he's a bit older.
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Best answer: Garvies Point Museum.
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Best answer: We found fossils at Poricy Park Fossil Beds.
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Best answer: Dinosaur State Park in Rocky Hill, CT normally would meet your criteria but looks like some of it is affected by Covid closures currently.
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Best answer: Seconding Poricy Park Fossil Beds. For a four year old, it's great, because big, noticeable fossils are easy to get, you can also see them in the creekbed walls. Theres a wood notice board at the entrance to the path that shows images of all the fossils you can find and their ages. Big Brook is nice for older kids who have the patience for small fossils, like sharks teeth.
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