Can you find this plate from Hairspray?
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I am intrigued by this plate of a teen on the telephone from a scene from Hairspray. It looks like a Ponytail plate, but I'm no expert and can't find an example of it on etsy, eBay, or on pinterest. Can you?
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I can't find it (I'll keep looking as I love to look for things like this) but I think it might depict a teen wearing headphones rocking out to music not a teen on the telephone. It's hard to tell for sure but maybe that will help with further searches.
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Different screencap from IMDB that's slightly clearer- it looks like a telephone to me.
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Ponytail plates seem to feature the brand name prominently, and I'm not seeing that in any of the Hairspray set pictures. I suppose it could be greeked?
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How did I never realize Jerry Stiller was in Hairspray?
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