Why won’t the alarm on this iPad sound?
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My son’s iPhone (an 11 I think) won’t sound an alarm under certain conditions.

My son is trying to use his phone as an alarm using the bedtime feature. If he decides to get up at a different time and changes his wake up time the phone won’t go off in the morning.
We have already checked the sounds and haptics settings and they are all set.
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This just happened to me. The only thing that did it for me was to stop using the bedtime feature. I also use an Apple Watch that I previously had set up to wake me, but despite turning all those watch-related features off entirely, it never went back to making a sound to wake me. Timers were all sounding correctly. So frustrating but I found other users with the same issue.
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It's definitely the bedtime feature. It has happened in our household and I feel like every other day I hear someone screaming about this among my friends on FB.
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Is he setting more than one alarm or is he changing the wake up time on the bedtime alarm, do you know? I reset my bedtime wake up pretty frequently and have never had this problem, for what it’s worth.
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Even before the bedtime feature, I had this problem with my iPhone at least 10% of the time. I never could pin down what was going wrong. Sometimes I would find it “ringing” silently or very quietly. Sometimes I’d wake up an hour after the set time and there would be no indication whether it had sounded at all. I actually think that it’s gotten better since the bedtime feature was released, but this has always been a huge pain point for me. I feel like the intention of a user setting an alarm is very clear and very important.
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