How to copy folders. Am I really this stupid?
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I need to move many files in different subfolders to one folder, thousands of images to be precise.

The files are in dozens of folders like this:


etc... so one folder for each day as it were. No file has the same name. What's the easy way to copy all the files from their respective subfolder to a single new folder on another disk? I would prefer to do this in DOS to avoid having to manually copy the files from each folder. This should be an easy task, but I really can't figure out how to do this. I searched AskMe and googled but I found nothing for Win XP.
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Best answer: Can't you just do a WinXP search (F3 shortcut) in explorer with c:\pictures set as the "Look In" field and *.jpg as the "Search for files" field? After it populates, drag n drop (or whatever) into your new folder? As far as I know, search should recurse through subfolders as well.
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Response by poster: Yes yes thank you very much! There had to be an easy way.
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I'm sure there are a hundred ways to do it and probably some easy ones, too.

Unfortunately, all I can think of is writing a script or zipping all the folders up and unzipping the zip so that unzip ignores the directory structure.
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Post-preview, never mind. :-)
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Best answer: You already have an answer but you can also do this in windows command prompt:

for /r C:\pictures\ %i in (*.jpg) do move "%i" c:\new_directory

Usually I test these kinds of things first with

for /r C:\pictures\ %i in (*.jpg) do echo not actually moving file: "%i"

This works on NT, windows 2000, and windows XP, but not on 95, 98, and ME, I believe. for /? from the command prompt will tell you more info.
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Response by poster: aubilenon, I did not know that command, thanks! :)
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